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What are the benefits of
air compression legs massage?

Pain Relief

Tired and aching legs after a long day? Sore and tight muscles? Aches and pain?

Compression massage hugs your feet, calves and thighs firmly, stimulates blood flow and helps loosen up the tight muscles, break up the knots and relieve pain naturally and quickly.


Workout, Recover, Repeat.

Running, workout, ball games, tennis, or martial arts: almost all sport activities involve legs. 20 minutes of post-workout compression massage aid to faster recovery and better results every next training.
Recover quickly and do what you love, without limitations!

Reduce stress

Soothing massage and heat treatment

Relieve pain and decrease inflammation naturally with soothing compression and heat massage.

Benefit from better blood circulation and faster recovery.


Recover easily after workout, or prepare your muscles for the long run.

Standing workers

Relieve the pain in case of sore muscles and joints after standing all day.

Office workers

Increase the blood flow in your legs after prolonged sitting and lack of movement.

Chronic pain

Aids even chronic pain relief due to the combination of massage and heat therapy.

Let’s get to the points.

AIR•C +Heat provides compression massage to the whole leg: from thighs to feet.
Learn more about how you can benefit from regular usage:


This muscle group can take quite a beating from daily straining, stretching and physical activity. Compression and heat massage, like that you will get from the ReAthlete Air•C +Heat can help relax sore muscles, relieve aches and pain and help accelerate muscle recovery time


The quad muscles are imperative to flexibility and proper function of the knees and hips. Athletes and those whose daily lives involve a lot of running, squatting or lifting will often experience soreness, muscle knots and ‘burning’. Compression massage in this area relieves discomfort and increases circulation and reduces inflammation of tendons and muscle fibers.

Medial and Anterior Knee

Also known as the ‘front’ and ‘inside’ knee area, strain, overuse, and injury to these components of the knee can cause a wide array of symptoms and complications and though compression and heat therapy cant ‘cure’ injuries the use of the Air•C +Heat device can help alleviate symptoms in this area such as jumper’s knee, MCL injuries, and Plica irritation.

Posterior and Lateral Knee

These areas associated with the knee joint are a common and constant source of pain and discomfort for Pro-Athletes, runners and those who spend their days standing and kneeling. Compression and heat massage from the Air•C +Heat device can relieve symptoms from conditions such as tendonitis, Baker’s Cysts, ITBS, LCL, and Meniscus tears. The therapy will help relax and calm the joint, relieve inflammation and stiffness.


Compression therapy in the calves is a common practice that wields a ton of benefits. If you suffer from leg swelling, or vein issues, use of the Air•C +Heat can help minimize swelling to the calves and feet while increasing circulation and promoting healthy blood flow. In addition to being great for achy- overused muscles, compression in this area can also help prevent blood clots and energize underused muscles for people with limited mobility.


If you suffer from sore, tired feet from long days at work or stiff foot and ankle joints from overuse compression and heat therapy can really make a huge difference in your quality of life. The Air•C +Heat will relax and reduce tendon, joint, and muscle inflammation, help speed injury recovery, improve circulation and relieve symptoms from issues such as arthritis and tendonitis.

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Sale Price : $189.99

Estimated delivery date: 2-5 days within the US. Rest of the world up to 21 days

Our top of the line leg compression and heat massager was launched lately – and we want you to enjoy all the Ah-mazing benefits our product has to offer!

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